Slyrydes are a four piece band from Galway city, Co Galway. In 2019 Slyrydes released their first four singles from March to October. The singles collected much critical acclaim nationwide and in the UK. Paul McLoone (Today fm/ The Undertones) has championed the band since the first single “Mental Health”. 

Slyrydes are known for touching on the subject of mental health and the HSE.  

They have worked with Daniel Doherty in Darklands studios Dublin (Fontaines DC/ Vulpynes/ Damien Dempsey) on every single so far.  

Slyrydes are currently working on their debut album while playing select shows around Ireland.  

“I claim to be intelligent” will be the first single of 2020.  

Fuz Reilly -Bass guitar 

Mark Comer - Lead guitar 

Marc Raftery - Vocals/ words 

Paul Clarke - Drums

Pertinent, brilliant...definitely a band to watch" - Paul Mcloone Today Fm/Undertones”

Today Fm

Listen to this when you’re really angry”


A self-proclaimed “frank take on the shambolic Irish Health Service”, ‘Mental Health’ is a potent and necessary first offering from the quartet. It’s something the video, which you can view below, taps into to and then some. This is vital music from a band we’re sure are destined for big things in 2019 and beyond.”

The Thin air

Urgent. Brilliant. This fucking MATTERS.”

— Paul Mcloone

the band are throwing down a marker and are ones to keep an eye on as 2019 unfolds. I'd imagine some manner of protective headgear could be advantageous at their live shows too.”


An urgent and passionate, Blistering call to arms”

— Right Chord Music UK

Out Patience’ is one exhilarating whirlwind from Slyrydes”

— Indie Buddie